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Why Choose A Unique Domain Name For Business?

In this article, you are presented with the interesting points of a real domain name sales. First of all, many people do not know what a domain name really is, that’s why it is necessary for you, how to recognize a domain name.

Difference between a domain name and a subdomain:

It is necessary to make a big difference between a domain name of the type: and a ‘domain’ of the type this type of ‘domain’: is actually a subdomain of the, so if you have a ‘domain’ of this type, you do not have a real domain. The real domain name is in the style: or The www you often see in an address is a subdomain; this is the default subdomain of a domain name. Domain name examples:

Under no circumstances should you buy a domain from domain names for sale with a subdomain. To put it simply, you only need the domain name, for example, or on your bill to be sure you have a real domain.

Tips when choosing your domain:

  • Register a simple name, it is better to register than to register, you see what it mean to choose the right words and to ban extensible names that nobody will remember.
  • Check that .in and .COM are available at a minimum.
  • Choose a trusted provider who already has a few years of business.

Good reasons to buy multiple domain names:

The Web is a complex space. That’s why adopting multiple domain names can sometimes help people find you more easily. Whether your website is already well established or in preparation, it may be wise to buy different names. Here are the top five reasons why you need multiple domains:

Five reasons why you need multiple domain names:

There are several factors that can make you buy more than one domain name. Do some of them apply to you?

  1. Input errors: If your domain contains unusual or unique words, such as your name or the name of your company, people may make mistakes or do not know how to write them. In this case, it may be useful to do free domain registration that covers the most common misspellings of your name, so that people who are wrong are automatically redirected to the correct domain.
  2. Similar names: If one of your competitors uses a name and website that looks like yours, your potential customers may visit this site in error. To avoid this problem, you can buy all the potential imitations closest to your domain name.
  3. Name changes: If your brand or company used a different name before, it is recommended to buy the old name in addition to the new one to make sure everyone can find you. Similarly, if you plan to change the name of your company, we recommend that you purchase and host the website on the domain name in question, and then configure a redirection from the old domain name to the new domain name.
  4. Descriptive names: Everyone may have a different way of thinking about your brand or website, and not always by their official name. Depending on the services you offer or the products you sell, you can register a domain name that describes your company in addition to the one that corresponds to the name of the company itself. This is all the more relevant if it does not yet have an established name, or if a distinctive feature or the place where it is located is not in its name. You can also use a more descriptive domain name to redirect users to a specific page on your site, such as a blog or order page.
  5. New Generic Top Level Domains: New domain name extensions, such as plumbing and photography, are an excellent opportunity to have a domain name that is easy to remember and unique. If you already have a traditional domain name extension, you can complete it by purchasing a domain with one of the new extensions and enjoy the following benefits:
  • Shorten your domain.
  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Identify a specific priority axis for your brand.

Multiple names, one destination:

With most registrars, it’s easy to transfer multiple domains to your main site. You can simply create a single site and “redirect” users from your other domains to your main site. Many registrars, including Google Domains, offer a simple web-based redirection that allows you to transfer a domain to your primary site or even to specific pages on your site, such as an order page, support page, or an image gallery. First of all one have to do domain name availability check.

Why do you have to register your domain name?

If you are going to create a website, you will need a domain name. The first step is to choose the domain name in a relevant way.

The Domain name registration:

Like your logo or your brand, you will need to own your domain name. This is called domain name registration. You will absolutely have to deposit it and register it with a dedicated organization. Registering a domain name becomes a real strategic issue for your web marketing policy. By depositing your domain name, you protect your brand name against probable competition, which could “steal” your domain name, and at the same time protect all your web marketing actions.

A strategic challenge of your Web marketing policy:

To register one’s domain name is to be certain of owning it and to forbid its use by other people. It’s really your identity on the Internet that will allow you to be visible on the search engines. However, you are advised to use a specialized service provider called “Registrar” who will take care of the management of your domain names. Indeed, a domain name is not deposited for life, it will be necessary to renew it otherwise you risk losing it. In general, your registrar will inform you so that you can complete the necessary formalities.

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