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Things to look out when choosing the domain name

Every homepage needs a suitable domain name. This forms together with the domain ending the domain of your homepage and can decide about success or failure of the same. Domain names for sale should be chosen wisely because you can change this only badly without having to start from scratch again. The domain name is also the figurehead of your homepage. He will probably not only be linked to other websites but also be read in business papers, on advertising material or in e-mails. Therefore, when choosing a domain name, you should think carefully and consider different things. In this article, you’ll be shown what to keep in mind when choosing your domain name.

The choice of the right domain ending:

The first decision when going to do domain name suggestions is to choose the domain ending. With the domain ending (also called TLD) is meant the extension of all domains such as .de or .com. This form together with the domain names the final domain under which your homepage will be accessible later.

The most popular domain endings for free domain registration are:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .info
  • .eu
  • .biz
  • .us

In the United States, the domain ending .us is most often used. It is a country-specific TLD, especially for websites from the United States. If you want to create a homepage in the United States or a homepage for a United States company, you are recommended to use this domain extension.


A United States company with .us-domain-extension is simply more serious. In addition, it has become common with the users of the World Wide Web that when they call .us domain; expect a website in the United States. At the other domain endings, you cannot always be so sure. These are also very commonly used in other countries and in other languages. It may also be that your desired domain name is no longer available with the .us domain extension.

And now?

Now you have to weigh what is more important to you. Do you want the trust of a .us domain or is your choice of the domain name more important? The selection of a .net or .info does not have any real disadvantages as a domain extension and this has no negative effects on the rankings of the search engines. When deciding on the .us domain, it’s primarily about the trust that users have in such a domain. And maybe there is another domain name that fits your homepage just as well and which one is still free.

The content should reflect in the domain name:

In addition to the .us domain ending, it is always advantageous if the user can already recognize the domain name, what awaits him on the following website. What do you expect for content, for example, if you read the domain or somewhere and have never visited them before?

So you could imagine that on the first page may be a chef writes about cooking or might expect a recipe collection. On the second page, in your eyes, everything revolves around the car.

Each of you has a certain expectation when reading a domain for the first time. It is important that this expectation is fulfilled and that there is no sham behind the domain name. The danger with a Mogelpackung is that the visitor jumps off after a few seconds because he does not get what he was looking for or his expectations have not been met.

Short and painless, one can say that if you want to create a homepage about the computer, then you would not call your domain, but rather

Build a brand or choose a keyword domain:

Here you should perhaps explain what is meant by a keyword domain. For you, a keyword domain is a domain that already contains important terms in the domain name. In the best case, these terms are often searched for.

For example, you know that the term malware is very often searched in the search engines. If you now want to create a website that deals with the topic, then you incorporate this term in your domain name. That would look something like this: Such a keyword domain has the advantage that your website will be better ranked on search engines, as it already contains an important keyword in the domain.

The situation is different with the brand. Many companies choose their company name before even thinking about a website. Others may want to place a homepage as a brand. It will often be the case that the brand name does not necessarily reflect the service or product that is being offered and therefore no keyword domain can be used. In such cases, it’s usually harder to get upfront with Google, but it’s not impossible. The big advantage of a brand is the higher recognition value, the risk of confusion is lower and brand names can usually remember people better.

For example, you chose the domain name of your blog for an artificial word and would like to build a brand with it. The main reason for this was that there are already countless websites and blogs on the topics of “creating a homepage, web design or webmaster. With the domain name Webschmoeker, you have created an art word that does not yet exist in this form and which you can expand into a brand.

If you want to create a homepage for your company, then your domain name should definitely reflect your brand/company name. Often you automatically connect both strategies with each other. Gärtnerei Müller has an important keyword (nursery) in the domain with the domain, but at the same time also depicts the company name.

Use a domain name that is as short as possible:

Very few people can remember ultra-long domain names. Or can you memorize the longest domain in the world without any problems?

For e.g.:

So that the visitors of your homepage can easily remember your domain name, this should be as short as possible. It’s best to use 1-3 words, which you’ll associate with a hyphen.

Why a hyphen?

If you use a hyphen to separate the individual words of your domain name, you will significantly increase the readability of your domain. If you combine both properties (short and legible), your domain stays in the minds of the visitors and is recommended more often. In addition, a short domain is also much easier to type on the smartphone and as already described in the introduction, the domain usually has to fit on business papers or the business card.

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