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What is black hat seo doorway pages ?

Doorway pages (bridge pagesportal pagesjump pagesgateway pages or entry pages) are web pages that are created for the deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes (spamdexing).

black hat seo doorway page

A doorway page will affect the index of a search engine by inserting results for particular phrases while sending visitors to a different page. Doorway pages that redirect visitors without their knowledge use some form of cloaking. This usually falls under Black Hat SEO.

If a visitor clicks through to a typical doorway page from a search engine results page, in most cases they will be redirected with a fast Meta refresh command to another page. Other forms of redirection include use of JavaScript and server side redirection, from the server configuration file. Some doorway pages may be dynamic pages generated by scripting languages such as Perl and PHP.

Doorway pages are often easy to identify in that they have been designed primarily for search engines, not for human beings. Sometimes a doorway page is copied from another high ranking page, but this is likely to cause the search engine to detect the page as a duplicate and exclude it from the search engine listings.

Because many search engines give a penalty for using the META refresh command, some doorway pages just trick the visitor into clicking on a link to get them to the desired destination page, or they use JavaScript for redirection.

More sophisticated doorway pages, called Content Rich Doorways, are designed to gain high placement in search results without using redirection. They incorporate at least a minimum amount of design and navigation similar to the rest of the site to provide a more human-friendly and natural appearance. Visitors are offered standard links as calls to action.

Landing pages are regularly misconstrued to equate to Doorway pages within the literature. The former are content rich pages to which traffic is directed within the context of pay-per-click campaigns and to maximize SEO campaigns.

Doorway pages are also typically used for sites that maintain a blacklist of URLs known to harbor spam, such as Facebook, Tumblr and Deviantart.

Types of Doorway Page:

Content Rich Doorways:

  • Most Professional Doorways pages are known as “Content Rich Doorways”.
  • Which designed for gain in top ranking in Search results without using redirection.
  • Action provides standard links for visitors.
  • Doorway Pages are equated to Landing Pages by uniformly misconceive within the literature.
  • Content Rich Pages in Doorway pages increase traffic in direct.
    • The context of pay-per-click(PPC) campaign.
    • To maximize SEO campaign.
  • Harbor spam is a site that maintains the blacklist of URLs. Like Facebook, Tumblr, and Deviantart.


  • Cloaking is a technique, when the search engine like GOOGLE and YAHOO see the content in doorway page, in a such a way that the same will be different from the normal human being i.e. for the ranking purpose the keyword optimized page whereas the visitors see the total different page.  Which means the spider of search engine and other human being are not viewing the same page of the website. 

    Use of Doorway Pages:

    Link build with Meta Data and Scripting Language:

    • If a visitor clicks through to typical search engine result page, in most of the case redirected with fast metadata command to another page.
    • Using of JavaScript and Server-side redirection includes with server configuration file.
    • By using some scripting language like PHP and Perl, they make the dynamic web pages.

    Made for Search Engine:

    • The doorway page is easy to Identify because they have been designed for Search engine nor for the human being.
    • Sometimes doorway page copied from another high-rank page.
    • But search engine detects and find out the duplicate and exclude it from the search engine.
    • The search engine gives a penalty for using the Meta refresh command.
    • Some Doorway page applies a trick for the visitor, that if the visitor clicks on the link then the link take the visitor to the target destination page.
    • For the redirection technique, they use Scripting Languages like JavaScript, PHP, and Perl.

    Most common Doorway Page:

    • The most common Doorway Page is Domain Name or pages made to help a site rank for different regions but the same page for the funnel user.
    • If a website wants to rank for “India”, they might have a site or use domain name like “Latest Trends of India”, according to the word “India”, search engine ranks the site for this term.