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What is black hat seo content automation ?

Content automation uses tools or programs to generate content automatically. Spam websites would use robots to create and publish content.

This isn’t always bad, and advances in AI have made automation much more attainable and reliable for certain tasks. Email automation, for one, is an incredibly effective factor in an email marketing strategy.

Where it goes wrong is when automation is used solely to manipulate search rankings and provides little or no help to users.


black hat seo

The robots would do three things.

  1. They would scan keyword research tools to determine which keywords were most important.
  2. They would then create a massive amount of content with those keywords stuffed within.
  3. Finally, the robot would publish that content.

As you might expect, however, the content wasn’t very helpful.

Black hat SEOs reason for doing it, though, was well-founded.

Content Rewriting is also called content automation. You can input any paragraphs of articles into a text-area, and the robot program will translate them into different kind of languages and then change them back to your language. It finished the content automation process.

Google lists the following examples of blacklisted automation practices, among others:

  • Text that makes no sense to the reader but which may contain search keywords.
  • Text translated by an automated tool without human review or curation before publishing
  • Text generated through automated processes, such as Markov chains
  • Stitching or combining content from different web pages without adding sufficient value


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