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Web hosting: Types and their advantages

Do you plan to create your own e-commerce site? You are an entrepreneur or trader and want to put your website showcase? Do you want to start your own blog? Whatever your project of website creation, any website must be hosted on a server in order to be viewed on the internet by Internet users. Here are some ways to choose the right type of web hosting.

What is web hosting?

When you browse the internet from a browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge,) and you visit web pages, you actually see code pages written in different programming languages (PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript,) associated with content that is stored on servers. The servers, which are actually large computers connected to the internet (and with their own processors, hard drives,) are mostly made available, by subscription, by web hosts (companies owning the servers). Web hosting is, therefore, for specialized companies, to rent to companies (entire or divided) servers so that they can host their sites and associated data.

Today, there are 4 types of web hosting for websites:

  • Hosting on a shared server.
  • Hosting on a dedicated server.
  • VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server).
  • Cloud Hosting.

Mutualized hosting: Shared hosting consists of sharing with one and the same server.


  • This type of web hosting is the most economical of all.
  • This type of web hosting is easy to configure, use and monitor, even for novices thanks to cPanel and the many tools made available by the hosts.

When to opt for Mutualized hosting?

Shared hosting is particularly suitable for:

  • Showcase sites that attract few visits per month (less than 50,000).
  • Blogs that still attract few visitors.
  • Small online shops with few products and little traffic.

Dedicated Accommodation: Dedicated hosting consists of renting from a web host a complete server that can then be configured according to its needs (choice of an operating system, choice of configuration and applications).


  • This type of accommodation is suitable for all sites including those with high traffic.
  • This type of hosting allows you to fully customize the server configuration.
  • Opting for a dedicated server improves the performance of its website.
  • The choice of a dedicated server makes it possible to better secure its website and associated data (with the help of a competent professional).

When to go for Dedicated Accommodation?

Dedicated hosting is especially recommended for the sites with high traffic and resourcefulness: e.g. online stores with thousands of products and tens of thousands of visitors.

VPS Accommodation:

VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) is a hybrid system halfway between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS consists of creating multiple virtual servers on the same real server, via virtualization software technologies, which can be restarted independently and evolve on different operating systems. Specifically, this hosting solution allows the user to choose precisely the parameters of his server (memory, disk space, RAM) that only he will use.


  • VPS hosting offers a good price-performance ratio.
  • It is possible to adapt your virtual server according to your real needs.
  • You can install and configure your VPS, restart or shut down your server whenever you want.

When to go for VPS Accommodation?

VPS hosting is particularly suitable for advanced users who want to enjoy the good performance without having to opt for a dedicated server. The VPS will be suitable for medium-sized online stores, community sites with many users, and showcases and blogs with high traffic.

Accommodation Cloud:

Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting, cloud hosting does not rely on a server but on a multitude of servers and the customer pays for what he really uses, allowing flexibility increased.


  • Cloud hosting is the most flexible hosting method.
  • The user pays for what he actually uses.
  • Cloud hosting allows sites to support large variations in bandwidth requirements.

When to go for Cloud Accommodation?

Any company can decide to opt for cloud hosting. The latter is particularly suitable for companies that plan to grow quickly and want a flexible hosting solution.

The importance of choosing a web hosting service:

Many things go into managing a successful website – from the overall design and layout of the site to the proper use of marketing and SEO to ensure that your message reaches its intended audience. While this may seem like a minor detail, the location of your web hosting server can also play a huge role in determining whether your site is a success or a failure.

With web hosting, cheaper is not always better:

An error that many website owners make is simply choosing the cheapest web hosting service. You can easily find a range of cheap web hosts, but the problem is that often the servers are located abroad in the developing countries of Asia and Africa. Although these inexpensive hosting services save you a few dollars each month, they will probably end up costing you more money eventually because they could directly make you lose customers. So, you can hire the best web hosting services 2019 to make your website better.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business:

Some hosts may be useful in some areas, such as speed and the latest technology; while others might focus on providing a stable server and a cheaper rate. This is especially true when it comes to hosting business websites. As a business owner, you really understand why businesses are often cautious and difficult about their hosting. You have to stick to the best small business hosting site at the right price and good quality.

What hosting for your WordPress site?

For creating websites WordPress is the most used software. If you choose WordPress to edit your site, you will have to start by finding the best hosting for WordPress. This is an essential first step. Only once you have found a web host will you be able to install WordPress, adjust the settings and edit the content of your website. There are a large number of solutions and web hosting offers WordPress site hosting (shared server, dedicated, VPS, specific offer WordPress as WP Engine).

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