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Why You Need SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protects information transmitted on the internet. Even if your website does not deal with credit cards information, it is still important to get the certificate. It provides data integrity, critical security and privacy.

You may wonder how having an ssl certificate will benefit your business. It has a very crucial role in the web. Keep reading to find out how it benefits your website.

There has an increased number of people depend on the internet to buy and sell products. Therefore, security online has become very important.

It is serious an your site maybe flagged by Google if it does not have the same secure sockets certificate. You should not take any chances.

  1. Encrypt information

First and foremost, Secure Sockets Layer will come in handy to protect your sensitive information. Encryption information can also be seen by the intended recipient only. Secure Sockets Layer ensures that third parties will not read the information.

When you send information on the internet, it gets sent from computer to computer to reach the desired destination. A computer in between you and the server can be able to see your user names, credit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive information if there is no encryption.

The primary reason to have a certificate is to keep information secure. Encryption ensures that your information is secure. The information will be secured from identity thieves and hackers.

  1. Authentication

Authentication is the other reason why you need to have an SSL. You can rest easy knowing that the information is being sent to the right server. Nowadays, users can access internet through different devices. The devices can be compromised and users can end up sending information to the wrong party.

It is important for the information you are sending to go to the right server. You can rest easy knowing that the information will not go to an imposter who is out to steal your information. You do not want to risk users leaving your site for fear of their information being stolen. Make sure that you get the certificate from a trusted provider.

  1. Improved search engine optimization (SEO)

Using the secured server certificate can help improve your ranking.

The sites with HTTPS will help improve the SEO ranking. If the SEO is a concern for you, make sure that you get the certificate. Converting you site from HTTP to HTTPS is very easy.

  • Purchase the certificate
  • Install the certificate
  • Change links with http to HTTPS

Just with those few steps, you will have changed your site from insecure to secure. The users will be directed to your secured site.

  1. Increased customer trust

Any use that goes to a secure site will see a padlock in the address bar. The padlock is always an indication that the site has a secured connection. SSL certificado helps build trust with thus visitors coming to your site. Thus, it can result into more conversion and sales. The secure certificate will boost your credibility and add brand power.

In case your customers cannot trust you, they will not buy from you or visit your site. Having a certificate shows your customers that your care about their security. It is very simple to execute the certificate. It will build your brand.

  1. Protection from cyber criminals

Cyber criminals are always on the look for ways to get their hands in your information. Any gap in your security and they strike when you least expect it. You will be an easy target for the cyber criminals when you do not have the secure server certificate. You will be safer when your site is secured.

  1. Improves site speed

Having an HTTPS will help improve your sites losing speed. It will improve the site performance. It will help you with internet marketing.

  1. Improved user experience

A secure certificate also helps to improve the user experience. Nowadays, customers are more aware of the site security. Most users are reluctant about sharing their information on a site that is not secure. A secure certificate gives them peace of mind and it improves user experience. User experience is especially important when you have an ecommerce site. It increases the conversion rate and thus boost your business.

  1. Protects against phishing attacks

The HTTPS will also come in handy to protect you from phishing attacks. Criminals always send phishing emails trying to impersonate your site. The email comes with a link to their site. The criminals cannot get a secure certificate and may rely on a man in the middle to use your domain name. However, it is impossible to impersonate your site to perfection. Thus, your users will be on the lookout for trust indicators. Some of the trust indicators are the green address bar. They will not see it and so you will put them at risk.

  1. Needed for PCI compliance

The secure certificate is required for compliance. There are some audits that you have to pass. The audits are required when you want to accept the credit card information on your site. The audits will be an indication that you are in compliance with the payment card industry (PCI) standards. Having the Secure Sockets Layer is one of the requirements for the PCI.

An insecure website will discourage visitors. The immediate reaction upon seeing the message ‘this site is not secure, is to close that browser tab. Thus, as a business owner, you will be losing on traffic if you have a site that is not secure.

You will prevent any kind of security breach on your site. It gives you site secondary authentication. The secondary authentication ensures that your information is only sent to the respective server. It will not be accessible from any other device on the server.

The certificate works as the digital documentation. It will verify credentials like the serial number, signature of certificate, certificate holder and expiry date.

If you were wondering whether you need to get the SSL certificate, now you have enough reasons. Do not put your site at risk when you can secure by following a few simple steps.

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