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Free domain name: For life or temporary

Like many people, when you start and you are creating your company, you most certainly want to limit fees. Who says limit fees, also said to be able to create your website without paying the registration fee of a domain name. If you are looking for a free domain hosting allowing you to register a domain name, this article is for you.

What is a domain name?

Think of a domain name as an address to your home, while web hosting would be the actual building. If you want to find a store, you are not looking by contact details. You seek him by his address. Without domain names, you should memorize the IP addresses, it would be much more difficult and you would not make a good impression with a domain name memorable.

The domain name is a set of characters associated with an extension. The domain name availability may be free and may also be chargeable. The free domain name seems the most advantageous thanks to the diversity of available extension. Nevertheless, registering domain names for free also has obvious disadvantages. Moreover, different services can be integrated into the domain or extension.

General information on domain names:

The domain name is a familiar name that is associated with an IP address. There are many types of domains characterized by different extensions. The paying and the free domain name are different in particular on their extensions. Most domain names are paid because of various parameters. Indeed, the extension of some areas is paid monthly. SEO of the website is optimized because of which bloggers choose to opt for paid domain names.

Subscriptions to its paying domain names are becoming more popular with Internet users. Having your own domain name remains the most important element when creating websites or blogs. Moreover, this domain name system is effective when they are paying. As a result, even if the blogger is using a free web host, subscription to the paying domain name remains a convenient way to refer a site.

Free domain name:

A free domain name is an extension that is offered free of charge without the commitment from a professional or an individual. In fact, free domain names are not free because an individual, having a domain name belonging to him, has necessarily paid for it. Nevertheless, the individual is not obliged to take a subscription to pay the existence and the life of his name of the Internet address.

Why a free domain name?

The domain is the set of computers with Internet access and sharing a common feature. The domain name is the term identifying the extension of the Internet domain. The names of the domains are all paid before it belongs to an individual, simply its accommodation will not be paid in any case.

Indeed, the free hosts are the main causes of this name which is the free domain name. The reasons why people choose a free domain name are simple. First, individuals prefer to opt for free domain name registration because it is posted in free hosting. In this way, the owner of the site will not have the obligation to pay anything for the lodging of his domain. Moreover, the domain name will allow him to develop his brand and its brand on the web without paying money.

Free Domain Name: Pros and Cons

When you have a website, even before the quality of the content, the domain name is particularly important, it is the identity of your site and what the visitor will remember. If domain names are usually paid, it is possible to find free ones. Here you will find the advantages and disadvantages of this type of service.

Presentation: A website is content but above all a name. For a website, the domain name can be likened to a brand; this is the name that the visitor will remember to return to. This is why the domain name is important. When you choose it, you have to opt for something simple to memorize. Unfortunately for you, this type of service usually pays off, and if you opt for free hosting, you will usually benefit from a complex address like or Fortunately, some websites offer to create free domain names redirecting to your host. Let’s see below the advantages and disadvantages of this offer.

Good points:

  • With the multitude of sites available on the internet, it’s difficult to differentiate one’s site from another. But it is precisely one of the roles of the domain name, to give an identity to the site. You will more easily retain a site whose address is
  • Giving a domain name to your site rather than a generic address enhances the site’s credibility for the visitor. If you have a domain name you will feel like you have more reliable content.
  • There may indeed be several advantages to using a free domain name rather than a paying domain. Indeed, a free domain name allows you to not spend money to be a happy owner. In addition, you do not need to provide your credit card number or PayPal account to own one. This allows anyone to have a domain name, whether you are an adult or a minor.
  • Finally, it also saves time. Indeed, not needing confirmation of payment, the domain is created instantly, which is not necessarily the case when you have to pay your domain name.
  • Many Webmasters are fond of free domains, as it allows them to test a website before turning to a paid domain name.

Negative points:

The negative aspect is usually the presence of ads on your site. If this service is free for you, it is not for the site that offers it. In order to make this activity profitable, generally, the service provider will post advertising on your site in order to finance this service. Unfortunately for you, when the visitor arrives on a site with invasive advertisements, he tends not to stay long.

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