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IBM Cloud Site Metric
IBM Cloud Site Metric

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Create a toolchain. Pick Develop a Cloud Foundry app. Give it a name. Scroll down to Repository type and select New. Uncheck the ‘Make this repo private’. Create IBM Cloud IP key. Then hit the Create button.

Select Eclipse Orion Web IDE. Then go to File menu, New, File. Name it index.html.

Copy paste your html code into the editor.

Create a new manifest by going to File menu, New, File. Name it manifest.yml and copy paste the code below into your editor.


- buildpack:
host: sample-${random}
name: sample-${random}
memory: 64M
stack: cflinuxfs2

Replace the host and the name with your host application URL. And it must be unique. Here is the sample


Then Deploy the App by clicking the start icon and then wait for a minute.

If it success, the light will turn into green like this

If it fails, go to your launch file and edit the “Name: “ with your unique name above.

Apply your changes to Git Repos by doing this

Enter a comment then Commit.

Hit the Sync button.

Then click Open the Deployed App to see the result

And voila! Your site is live!

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