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WP-Super Cache is not suitable for bbpress

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    I activate the WP-Super-Cache, which made ​​my bbPress “disappear”. When I access the forum system, only appears a blank screen, inclusive in the administrative panels.

    I noticed that this only happens when the WP-Super-Cache is enabled and integrated with my theme of WordPress is selected. When one of them is disabled, both systems funscionam normally.

    Is there any way to enable the WP-Super-Cache does not destroy my deep integration with bbPress?

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    You need to exclude bbPress from being processed by WP Super Cache. This can be done through a configuration setting within WP Super Cache.

    > WordPress Dashboard

    > Settings

    > WP Super Cache

    > Advanced tab

    > Scroll down to “Accepted Filenames & Rejected URI’s”

    > Add here strings (not a filename) …

    I found the following entries in that text box:



    I added:


    (My bbPress application is installed under my WordPress directory in the /forums sub-directory).

    Now all URL’s that include the string “/forums/” are ignored in terms of caching.

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    I also have a same problem

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