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Why Search Engine Optimization Matters ?

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      Sam Smith

      Over 6.586 billion searches take place online each and every day, in which people around the globe learn more about the natural world, their favorite sports teams, and, of course, local businesses. While this may sound like the odds of being found randomly are really good, the truth is that you’re still a tiny fish in a great big pond. There are currently over 4.59 billion other indexed sites on the web!

      This is why everyone puts such a fine point on SEO. Without it, search engines like Google can’t properly index your site or match it up with search queries by the people who really need to see it. Using many different factors, Google can determine what your site is about and how good of a resource it is for any given search, then feed it to an Internet user as part of a ranked list. Better quality sites that are more on target get ranked higher, lower quality sites or those that might be less directly related are ranked lower. But the trick is making sure Google understands what your pages are all about.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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