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What makes a good domain name?

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      A good domain name should:

      1. Reflect your branding. This is critical and often gets ignored.
      2. Be short (but not too short – What is
      3. Memorable (i.e. a word or company name)
      4. Have a common TLD as uncommon TLDs violate #3
      5. A keyword or noun doesn’t hurt if your branding isn’t important.

      Targeted keyword as part of domain name is pretty important, but not too important. It should be relatively short, memorable, marketable etc.

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      A good domain name must be easily remembered and .com

      other domain tld just work for .com


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      Angelica Adam

      Domain name should not to exceed 2-3 words and remember your domain name and type it accurately.

      This be![/url]

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