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      Eric Smith

      To put it simply, a staging site is a clone of your live website. It enables you to test any changes or major new features that you plan to implement in a secure environment. Developers often use staging sites as a testing ground in order to prevent errors occurring on ‘live’ websites, thus avoiding the issues and/or downtime that might otherwise result.

      Staging sites can be set up using a variety of methods. One of the easiest ways is to simply do it through your web host (which we’ll describe in detail later), if it’s a service they offer. Once you have it set up, you can use it to freely test changes without impacting your live site.

      Powerhoster provides one-click stage site.

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      Eric Smith

      What’s a staging site?

      A Managed WordPress staging site lets you build and test your website without modifying the content your visitors see on the live site. There are some things you should keep in mind when using a staging site:

      All Managed WordPress plans (except Basic) come with exactly one staging site for each live website. If you have a Basic plan, you will need to upgrade your account to have a staging site.
      Staging sites use a domain we automatically generate for you. You cannot choose a different domain or add another domain to the staging site.

      Your staging site is persistent. We don’t destroy and create staging sites for you every time you push to or pull from it. This can explain some synchronizing issues you might experience.


      How do they work?
      The typical workflow with a staging sites is usually these steps in this order:

      Create the staging site.

      Pull your production site content to the staging site.

      Develop your content in the staging site.

      Push the staging site content into your live site once you’re done developing it.

      Repeat steps 2-4 when you need to develop your site further.

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