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      Alexa’s Traffic Ranks are based on the site visitors statistics supplied by way of users in Alexa’s worldwide information panel over a rolling three month duration. … A website’s rating is primarily based on a blended measure of Unique Visitors and Pageviews. Unique Visitors are decided by means of the number of unique Alexa users who go to a website on a given day.

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      I think Alexa is the Traffic Estimator Tool, It gives worldwide analysis of websites.

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        Alexa may be a global ranking system that utilizes internet traffic data to compile a list of the most popular websites, the Alexa Rank. The lower your Alexa rank, the more popular (for example, a web site with the rank of one has the most visitors on the internet).

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      Ryal Jam

      I think Alexa is the Traffic Estimator Tool, It gives worldwide analysis of websites.


      Yes, randiv you are saying right things, I agree with you.

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      Alexa’s traffic estimates and ranks are based on the browsing behavior of people in our global data panel which is a sample of all internet users.

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