Ways To Find Topics To Write About

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    Google News

    I have been a fan of Google News to help me find topics for a few years now.

    With their newest updates, it has gotten even easier. Make sure you are logged into your account when you visit because their are a couple of different ways you can personalize the content you see so that it only displays information you are interested in seeing. This saves me from sorting through the stuff I don’t want to see.

    The column on the left shows section categories, if you scroll to the bottom though you will see an option to “manage Sections”. You can also access the section settings by clicking the gear near the upper right hand corner for settings. Once there, rearrange the order of the sections or hide sections all together, according to your preferences.

    Forum Communities

    Join and monitor forum communities that are specific to your target audience. This will allow you to see what people are talking about and the types of questions they ask the community. For me, very often this will trigger a topic idea. This also helps you have a much better understanding of your target audience.


    I cannot begin to say enough about this site. I absolutely LOVE it! When I need to come up with topic ideas, I just type in a keyword and select the country I am targeting.

    It will return questions about the topic. You can select visualization or data for how those results are displayed. So far it has never failed me. GREAT RESOURCE!

    Facebook Pages and Groups

    This is another resource that has been invaluable for me. As an example, if I am working with a camping site, I follow every camping page I can find and join related groups. Similar to forums communities, it gives me a much better insight into my target audience and help me understand what they are looking for.

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