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    Hi, I’m looking forward advice on upgrading my hosting to VPS or dedicated server. My site needs to show videos and images. I envisage adding 4 videos/month (totally around 12Gb). Images will accompany each video but I haven’t really thought about quantity or storage size. I imagine (a real guess) I would have may be 10 or 20 people accessing the material at the same time. This I hope will grow over time.

    I was thinking that I could start with a VPS with 90Gb storage and keep increasing as and when needed.
    When I run out of options I’d look to move to a dedicated server and again move through the options.
    Is this some thing I can do or do you suggest something else. I’m just starting out with my business and so I need to keep costs down.


    My current hosting plan is Linux. Is it best to stay with that or move to Windows. Also I assume I can move my current content to a new VPS or dedicated server plan?
    Thanks for your help.

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    Eric Smith
    Eric Smith

    YES. You are right. 90 GB VPS will be good enough to host your website. The VPS has WHM and Cpanel to manage your website. It is good enough for you to begin to run your business. When your website needs more space, it is very easy to update to more storage VPS or dedicated server.

    Actually, you can chose a Ultimate web hosting plan or Business Plus Website Builder when you are going to begin.



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