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    The following is a list of other key elements that need to be implemented to ensure proper indexing:

    • Well-segmented categorization: Segmentation of your content should be structured appropriately with categories and tags.
    • Well-structured menus: Do not be afraid to include in your menus all the internal pages that you think are pertinent (categories, tags, articles, etc.)
    • Interlinking module: An effective and popular technique for executing a good interlinking strategy is the use of an automatic module. For example, inserting a “related post” or “random articles” script at the end of a blog article will allow the wide distribution of pages with a high domain authority. This brings optimal indexing, and gives fresh impetus to forgotten older articles.
    • Avoid no-follow links: Surprisingly, many sites use the no-follow attribute on their own internal links. This practice basically indicates to Google that you do not trust pages that are internal to your website.
    • Sitemap: Including a sitemap on your website will help the indexing of your site.

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