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Knowing Your Facebook Page Audience

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      Sam Smith

      Photos, Status Updates, or Links?
      You can’t go by what social media articles tell you are the best things to post because it is different for every site. The key is learning who your target audience is and learning what it is they want to see.

      As an example, one site might be much more likely to have a higher reach and engagement with pictures and just plain status updates, with links giving the lowest results. Whereas, another site may be exactly the opposite.

      You also can’t choose to only post those things that bring the highest reach or it stops working quickly. As with most things, it’s all about balance and mixing it up, making sure you are doing a little bit of everything.

      I constantly test what does and doesn’t work, watching Insights within Facebook.

      This is important because it isn’t just about making the Facebook page grow. The ultimate goal is always to get them to visit your site or take action on an offer.

      Does Time Of Day Matter?
      Yup, it does, but that cannot always be controlled. It does help however to know when your users are more apt to be online. Some people are online much earlier while others may be more apt to interact with you at night.

      If your target audience is worldwide, you may see much more activity in the midnight hours. Again, this comes back to knowing your target audience and being willing to learn through trial and error. (Example: What happens if I post at 2am?)

      Since Facebook has posts scheduling, it can be used to better schedule when your posts occur, but if you are not there to interact with them, you may see lower results. That being said, once a community is rocking it on Facebook, often they don’t need as much one on one attention because they begin interacting with each other.

      What About Weekends?
      Again, it depends on your followers, but weekends can be super big on Facebook. I have found it harder to get them started (interacting with me) on Monday if I ignored them all weekend. Why? Because if they see your post on their feed or not, depends on how often they interact (in some manner) with your page.

      Sending Them To Another Site? Are You Nuts?
      Yes, in fact I am a bit nuts, but I do this for one reason. IT WORKS!

      Remember, that the Facebook algorithm depends on them interacting with your page. The more they interact with you, the more often your stuff shows up in their feed.

      The key for me has been mixing it up. Sometimes we just talk (status updates) other times I share a cool (related) picture from another site or page (not a competitive site) other times I might send them to a related article in the news, or share something one of them has posted to the side of our page (they love it when their’s is selected).

      In between it all, I send them to site articles because that is my ultimate goal, to get them to visit, the site or specific articles and in some cases to take specific actions, such as signing up for a newsletter.

      If I chose to ONLY send them to my site, in some cases I see reach crash very rapidly, with less and less people seeing what I post in their feed.

      Know Your Audience Inside Out and Backwards
      They will eat you alive and tear you to shreds if you use the wrong terminology, so you really have to spend time LISTENING to them wherever they post.

      It is not enough to know your audience, you have to know if they are male or female, and their age range. Why? Because it will impact how you speak with them, how tech savvy they are and how they will interact with you. Generally, (for me) the corporate style of speaking does not work on Facebook. I have to be much more casual, within reason. Above all, you have to be yourself. Knowing the age group of your followers can help with this as well. They WANT to interact with a real human, not a company.

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