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How To Earn Money By Youtube

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      Sam Smith

      As with any online work.. This varies according to your EFFORTS.. HARD WORK is the Key to any success! There is NO magic bullet!

      ALL methods in this “Making Money” section are basically GUIDES to get you on the right path to put MONEY in your pockets.

      You MUST add your own TWISTS or find unsaturated NICHES to get any head way..

      How Do I Find Unsaturated Niches?

      KEYWORDS.. Keywords is the “Trick”

      What I do is just follow News Stories & Trends both on On-line News Sites, TV, Google Trends and Of course YouTube Trending Videos..

      Mass Video Production.. Not Just One!!

      N.B.. This is VERY Important!!! What I do is create and upload at least 5 Videos EVERYDAY!
      No Copyrights Infringements! This will shutdown your YouTube Channel with IMMEDIATE EFFECT Quickly!

      What You Will Need To Get Started..

      These Tools WILL Make Your WORK A Thousand Times Faster.
      [ I am Not Associated With Any Of These Products.. No Affiliate Links]
      This is what I used and found the most effective.. Of coarse you can use any alternative tools you want!

      Money To get Started.. Lets Be REAL.. You need Initial Investments to get started.. I would recommend At Least $250

      For Finding Keywords Volumes – KWfinder –
      For Mass Video Creation – Animoto –

      Step 1: Finding Low Competition Keywords..

      This is the first essential thing you MUST DO! As I stated above.. RESEARCH Current News & YouTube Video Trends, Compile a LIST of those KEYWORDS.. Search them in KWfinder and then create a NEW list of the LOW Competition keywords from the final results 🙂

      NEXT: Fire up or other YouTube checker you like.. ADD your Low Comp. Keywords, Run it & Save the LIST of the top 10 ranking Videos and there Keywords..
      Get Search volumes and keyword competition here:

      Step 2: Make Your Videos

      And I do mean the more videos you create and upload the MORE $$$$ you will Make!
      Firstly I am gonna show you how to EASILY make videos using Non. Copyrighted Images..

      How To Find Non Copyrighted Images In Google?
      Follow The below Steps..

      Search your keywords for your videos in Google Images search.

      Click the Gear icon, then select Advanced search.

      Scroll down and use the usage rights drop down menu to select free to use or share, even commercially.

      Click the Advanced Search button.

      The image search results will lots of images to choose from.

      Create your videos with or any other video creator using images you like..

      Step 3: Upload Your Videos With SEO Keywords..

      Video Title – VERY Important!

      SIX Words Or More.. With your Keyword Embedded In Your Title..

      TIP.. YouTube Likes To Rank.. In Your Titles..

      Funny videos
      How-to keywords

      300 words or more..
      Tags – Your Keywords..

      Step 4: Get Video Views Duh.. No Views No Ranking!!

      Any Way You Want..
      Affiliate Links, Your Own Products, CPA, Etc… [No Porn.. Duh!!]

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      Are all your videos basically slide shows? Or do you appear on camera?
      What do you do for audio? music, record yourself, robot voice?
      You did not mention thumbnails. Do you make your own or use the YouTube suggestion one?
      Do you share your videos on social networks? or just upload onto YouTube?
      And about how much daily bread are you making?

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      Once you start with slide shows and make money you can upgrade to animated videos with voice overs and make even more money.. this guide is just how to get started quickly.. Now I average over $150 per day for the sole reason I have over 600 videos spread across 15 channels.. But Just as the tutorial says anyone can start making at first $20-$30 daily no problem with a bit of effort. Thanks

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      Sam Smith

      The method is outlined.. Please remember one thing.. These tutorials are to get people started on the right path.. I highly dought anyone with a $$$$ method is gonna post it here in public so it gets saturated and HE/SHE stops making money! a DETAILED step by step (everything included) method is usually posted in public if for one it does not work anymore or two the OP has moved on to something else and does not care if that method will DIE ASAP! This is a functional way to put money in your pockets and lets you be CREATIVE to come up with YOUR OWN “Twists” which I am sure once you discover it.. you would not share! True? So as “basic” as it should get the curious mind thinking.. That’s the aim of most threads on this section I think! Work Hard and you will be rewarded

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