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    how to protect domain name from hijacking

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    Hackers can employ a number of techniques to hijack a domain. One way is to enter through a company’s domain registrar. If the registrar has poor security and allows an invalid password to be entered any number of times, says Mohan, a hacker who knows the administrator’s name can “brute force” his way into the system by trying different user name and password combinations.

    How to Protect Your Domain

    1. Pick an enterprise-class domain name registry. Some domain name companies target consumers and small business. Consequently, they don’t offer the security protections that corporate focused domain registrars provide.

    2. Keep up-to-date with security patches.

    3. Monitor where site traffic is going. If you see that traffic to your website is mysteriously going to a server in the Ukraine, as it was in the CheckFree case, you know something is wrong. Very wrong.

    4. Request DNSSEC from your registrar. DNSSEC—which adds security extensions to your Domain Name System



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