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How to Make Money From Your Website

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    1. Google Adsense and other Pay-Per-Click Ads – Put ads by Google on your website. You need a lot of visitors to your websites to earn google adsense money.You need update your website frequently and keep your website fresh and unique content;
    2. Selling Banner Space – Sell some small space on your website to put other websites banners and take money form them. You also need a top ranked websites and not many external links to do so.
    3. Selling Text Links – Once your website has a value i.e like lot of visitors come on your website then try to sell text links on your Page Rank blog
    4. Affiliate Marketing – Clickbank, linkshare, affiliate,  sellhealth, moreniche, amazon,  or Commission Junction are affiliate marketing website where you can find many stuff to sell, and you will get a percentage of commission for each sale. Normally those kinds of websites place some cookies on the visitor’s browsers and some good affiliate marketing website even match IP address to make sure to give you commission when a customer buy a product from them. But their cookies have some time limitation normally no more than 30 days. Amazon only have instant cookies. The customers will not be yours any more when they reorder. You must have a big website and frequently updating content to earn money from this kind of affiliate marketing. We do not suggest cookie affiliate programs to beginner webmasters and even medium webmasters.
    5.Selling Your Own Digital Products – You can sell your own digital products by clickbank, paypal, and other card processors. You can easily get wholesale rights from some digital product wholesalers. You must know the digital products before you begin to sell it or you cannot provide your customer support

    6. Generate “lead” to Other companies – Without Leads, Without companies. All companies need Leads. It’s no surprise then that they’re always on the lookout, searching for creative ways to find new sources of leads to help them grow. Normally leading creating technologies include survey, form completion, Testimonials For Greater Credibility, create videos, The lead create websites may include MaxBounty, Neverblue, Peerfly and others.
    7. Create an Email List for Newsletter – Email is money. When someone read your email, you have the chance to earn money from them. Offering great information or free help is a perfect way to start your newsletter. But Spamming people with unsolicited offers is one of the fastest ways to abuse reader’s trust and sabotage your long-term goals.
    8. Sell Your Products online – This is well known earn money chance. You can earn a lot of money by selling your own products online, but it needs a lot of offline work including shipping, card processing, telephone pick up, sending tracking ID and good customer services. You have to find good products to sell online and find some shipping for you. You can find good manufacturers to work as wholesaler or retailer. You can also find good dropshiper to ship your orders. You can try our Quick Shopping Carts Products to begin to sell your own products online.
    9. Buy and Sell Your Domains – There are lots of people who buy and sell domains for the big price difference. domain name registration fee is only $8.99/yr, it can can sell up to 10,000USD at this time. Some Domain name can even sell up to several millions even dozens of million $USD. Fo rdetail, you can check How to earn Money by Registering domain names
    10. Flip a Website – You can set up a brand new website, or buy a well-designed website, enrich it, promote it, place some content into it and sell it.

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