How to Judge Your Domain Value ?

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    Eric Smith
    Eric Smith

    When you want to sell your domain, how to judge its price ?

    Just saw one at starting/reserve price $15,000, and BIN at $60,000.

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    It’s really difficult to try to guess a price. A misspelling could be a popular surname, or a nice brandable name. I’m starting to believe that the value is based on the dreams and the depth of the pocket of a potential buyer. If it costs $250,000 to pay consultants to find a new brandname – what value would you put on the .com?

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    Cathy Lee

    Here is how you can get an accurate on the evaluation of your name. I used it and it works 100%

    Multiply the number of Letters by 10
    $500,000 for 1 letter name
    $250,000 for 2 letter name
    $50,000 for 3 letter name
    $10 for 4 letter name
    $5 for 5 letter name

    If it contains any CHIP letter subtract $20 for each CHIP letter
    Divide the total by 3
    Multiple the total by 6.75

    If you can’t sell the name then multiply the total by 0 (zero)
    If you get an offer then multiply the total by zero and add the offer to the total

    If you use Estibot then multiply the amount by zero and start from the beginning.

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    Eric Smith
    Eric Smith

    Domain names can be valued at anywhere from $0 to millions. Please remember only your buyer can decide how much the domains in your portfolio worth. For more information, please go to following URL:

    How to Judge Your Domain Name Value?

    domain name value

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