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aliexpress as dropshipping and copyright concerns

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    Sam Smith
    Sam Smith

    I use aliexpress only for now. I am dropshipping. For the most part, the most important thing is to make sure you constantly are talking to your customers.

    Some of the orders were delayed by a whole 10 days, but because I was constantly with the customers, and even making calls to some, they were very happy, so they kept patient.

    REMEMBER THIS: In dropshipping, the difference between making money of not is your relationship with your customers. most of them have even referred friends, asked us for other products, bought more stuff, even before what they initially bought was delivered.

    Now as regard copyright, I only have a few items that would fall under this, and these are with Fanprint, but they cover all that, I haven’t really promoted brand items at all, so I am not sure I would be of much help answering the question of copyright.

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